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Free rubberfetish video clips with LatexLara
Rubberdoll with a big latexfetish enjoying full enclosure playing with others rubberfetish lovers

Some teasers for my fans
The punished horny Rubberdoll Maid
Latexmaid Lola is up to no good. She stops cleaning and starts to seduce housemaster Rubber_Jeff while suddenly the other Maid, Latex Lara is walking in surprising her. Lara is bending the naughty Rubbermaid over and slaps her ass. After that she is getting a chair and puts the slutty frenchmaid in bondage making her watch making out with the housemaster

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Latex fun in the bathtub with Rubberdoll Lola_Noir
Lara is taking a shiny horny bath with sexbomb Lola_Noir and the handsome and hot looking Crazy4Ltx playmate. A bathtub in Latex is totally Lara`s world so watch her tight ass float and be rubbed and watch her rub and slide all over gorgeous Lola while he enjoys watching and puts his hands on some.

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